Serialised Items

Serial number tracking is a function that you will do a lot or not at all. For many like in pet shops, it is proving to be invaluable in a range of retail situations. Newsagents who sell very expensive items use it for these items, e.g. $800 pens as you want to keep track of these items. It is also used by retailers who need to keep track of items under warranty and items that have regulatory documentation requirements.

Not only can it handle serial numbers but it can also handle certificiates based on the type of item such as a cat, dog, lizard etc or a carpet quality. As there are a wide variety of such certificates the system comes with five templates built in although more can be added.

What happens is while selling the item in the cash register, where a box pops up, where you can select which template to use. Once entered you can print it or if required later can reprint it in stock maintenance.

If it is not set up, and you need this facility, please contact us to set it up for you.