Selling Regal Memorabilia: Grabbing an Opportunity


Royal bear


Everything to do with Royals in Australia catches the public eye, and this monarch's coronation is no exception. Many Australians are likely to follow the event as many are interested in everything related to the royal family. This will fuel the demand for royal memorabilia and cause a significant demand for such items.

Royal Memorabilia

Many things are likely to be in demand now; as a result. For example, commemorative coins, tea towels, plates, and keychains. Many Australians are likely to buy coronation merchandise. 

Emblem versus King Charles

People now generally favour generic royal items on these keepsakes over those highlighting King Charles III.

Make a special category for these goods

Make sure you mark your royal items with a particular category so you can track how they went in your shop.


Businesses can capitalise on this market and provide customers with a means of commemorating the occasion.

Executive summary

> Australians keep a close eye on the royal family, and many are very interested in King Charles III's coronation.

> This coronation will likely increase demand for many items dealing with royal memorabilia, like tea towels, keychains, commemorative coins, etc.

> Souvenirs that don't feature King Charles III are more popular with customers.

> Try marketing items that customers can keep long after the coronation

> Retail has a chance to profit from this market.


PS - Selling Regal Memorabilia

For people with royal memorabilia at home, now is an excellent opportunity to consider selling these things. Due to the increased interest in the coronation, there will be a significant market for these items on auction sites like eBay. You can get good prices now and free up space in your home if you take advantage of this demand.


Extra Note

I have watched King Charles' long wait for the role he wanted, which he finally got at 74, with empathy. Although I have always wished my best wishes to the Queen, who I liked I could sense his frustrations of having to wait so long to get the job.

The expression "a Prince Charles" portrays a person waiting so long for his inheritance.

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