Sell more with better cross-selling.


The best and most used selling method in retail - cross-selling. Cross-selling is when someone comes to buy a product, and you sell them that product and something else. The something else is the cross-sell. Often the profit on it is more than the initial product. Strategically, this is a fundamental method in modern retail, and it needs to be done well.

What you need to do, is place a product in a consumer's mind looking for another item to make it work. The more things you can place, the better, but do not go overboard. So what you need is to find out what products that sell well with the items the consumer seeks, which is easy to do with your Point of Sale software.

Let us start.

Go here to the Sales reports "Category Companion Sales by Period."


It will then give you this screen that lets you select your categories.



Now go through your top-selling categories. Check to see what items sell well with these categories. Then make sure that these items are noticeable to the buyers of the categories. This, you will find, is a great way to pick up more sales.

By incorporating this into your management processes, you increase your total sales.


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