Scan rate in retail


The more you are scanning on your POS system the better.

Consider this

Typically a person working a cash register manually entering each transaction makes one mistake for every 300 characters typed. It is not surprising as working a point-of-sale terminal is often extremely hectic. Plus for many cash register operators by the end of the day, they get tired of answering questions,  processing transactions counting cash and giving change. Mistakes go up. The time to process an item, count money and issue change are all measured in seconds.

Consider an automated the point-of-sale process.

A POS barcode reader is recorded giving about one error for every 394,000 to 100.5 million characters scanned.

Scanning an item with a barcode reader takes a fraction of a second. 

At this point you realise

A POS system is much more efficient and faster.  This translates to customers being serviced much faster and better.

How to solve it

So what I suggest you do is look at your scan rate. It is consider to be one of the most important retail KPIs in retailing today.

This KPI tells you where you are scanning and the more you are scanning the faster and more efficient you are on your point of sale counter.

To get this KPI, please go to cash register reports

Then go to sales



Once there select

Dissection Sales / Profitability for a Given Period.

Now run the report with a year of data.

What you will see is a column with %Scan, the higher the better. Now if you look through this list, the problem department is marked with a green arrow.

 What have you got to lose by acting on this?






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