Retail sales in the magazine trials

As the readers here know we have been actively monitoring the sales of magazines for those of our clients who are on the ACCC magazine trials.

So far, its the same result that I reported earlier was that from our measurements, I can see NO increase in magazine sales because of the trials. If the magazine companies went into the trialsto show that they were some super marketers that could increase magazine sales, well I do not see it, and I am certain I would if it was significant.

However, a distressing trend is beginning to appear that the number of unsellable magazines seems to be increasing. What we think is happening is that those on the trial had their titles reviewed and many that were considered to being unsellable were cut. What this did is create a reduction in the amount of magazines being sent. This reduction seems to be slowly filled with other magazines that do not sell either. One shop reported to me that they sold two of a magazine a month, they have started to get 20. When they complained, they were told it was, so they could create a waterfall. Well, no one is going to create a magazine waterfall if the sales are 2 a month. That shelf space is going to be used for something that sells better.

I will report back further shortly. If you want to know more before that let me know..