QR codes are not yet dead

Our point of sale allows you to use QR codes. Unlike other system we can use dynamic QR codes, which allows the user to get many statistics on usage and also allow them to change information if something changes. For example say you have a poster for a product of $2.95 and this product goes up to $3.95, with a static QR you need to reprint the poster with a dynamic one, often all you do is change the information in your computer to reflect the new price rise.

Both look identically to the eys here is a sample of a dynamic QR code for POS Solutions with our logo is the middle.

The predicament is that QR codes are not being used as frequently as people estimated.

How do I know, simple our QR codes can have tracking!

Many now call it a pointless. The problem is that few people (only about 20%) use them. Those that use them tend to operate them a lot, mainly for specialised functions. When did you use it last? I tried this morning, the first time in months and it failed to take me to the site. This may change as the newest phones now have QR code readers pre-installed but then they also have three new developments NFC (near field communication), image recognition applications and UPC readers there too all of which are competing for QR code's usage.

The low usage now leads many retailers to feel that a large QR code is a waste of space on the label so they do not put it on.

So although QR codes are not dying, they are certainly not thriving.

If you are going to use QR codes, I strongly suggest that you use only dynamic ones and do not worry as our system can handle them.