57% Of Consumers Will Boycott On Social Issues

This came up in a discussion that I had with a client a few days ago. The retailer was wondering whether he should publically support this or not. Other people in their shopping centre had put up the following signs, here is a photo, I took of their next door neighbour.

This question really is one for a retailer to make their own decision but let me make some observations.

Putting aside the logic behind the sign which some question, to a retailer what is important, I think is that it is a very controversial issue now with strong emotions on both sides. A study which has a strong ring of truth to it, here stated 57% Per Cent Of Consumers Will Boycott A Brand Over Its Stance On Social Issues. That is a lot of people. If you are talking about an issue like this that is say 60% pro, 10% neutral and 30% against, we are talking of between 15% to 30% of the public whatever your position. That is a lot of potential customers who are likely to buy from others or just boycott your shop if they disagree with its social or political views. Money according to this study is not an issue. These consumers will pay more to buy a brand they approve of. Make no mistake the modern consumer can be a very political animal.

What I found particularly interesting was that Chinese (73%) and Indians (65%) are much more likely to boycott then Americans (47%). As a punt, native Australians are probably similar to the Americans about 47%. This implies to me that if you are in a strong ethnic area, the problem could be worse. The added problem here is that according to the polls, areas with large ethnic populations are showing very mixed results on this question. It does not appear that people in these areas have decided. In such an area you could pick wrong.

I would say to think carefully.

Of course, if you want to make a statement, you could easily put a note on your receipts using your point of sale software so all your clients know your stand.