Papermotion promotion


On May 17th the Sunday Telegraph is going to print an interactive digital Papermotion photograph.

These when you put such a picture in front of a computer with a webcam you can see moving pictures in 3D imagine “When they put the Melbourne Cup on the front page of the newspaper, you’ll be able watch a video of the horse winning the race.”

Whether it has a long-term benefit, I am dubious. As one critic said if I want to look at a race, I can go through the video link on the newspaper on-line website why do I need the newspaper? I think he has a valid point.

Still, as a novelty item, I am sure it will have enormous interest as they have a good promotion with it. They are giving their readers a chance to win one of 50 webcams. I hope it quickly goes to other states too.

Clearly, newspapers are certainly not standing still with technology.