Our supplier search engine

I was talking recently about the stock search engine in our point of sale software, which impressed many people.

What I thought now I would show the search engine in the creditor (suppliers) section.

Say, for example, you want to find a supplier of goods, but you are not sure of the name. What you can do is use a lot of information to try to find them.

To go into this search engine, go to main menu and select Creditor > Maintenance.

Now select Find.

As you can see we have many different options for finding that supplier, for example, the contact name, the telephone number, etc.

What you can also see is marked in green that you do not need all the details, I just put in rail, and it found the railway in the middle of the name.

Just another example of how we have empowering retailers with cutting-edge POS software for over 30 years.