Our point-of-sale system is brilliant in reducing labour costs!


Here is one example. 

In retail today, you need to invest your time in meeting your consumer desires.

When you are doing this, you must plan the roster by need. It is better to design this roster for the shop business needs and make changes for the business/staff realities later. You should do it as far ahead as possible as this gives everyone associated with the shop time to plan. 

Our software has a roster system available free.

Before you make the roster, you need to study your current situation. Our traffic analysis report by the hour can help. I marked it with a green arrow below can do.

Now put in dates from a previous period that you feel will give you typical results for the planned roster. For this year, you will have to use a lot of judgment on how you think it will go. Looking at what we see now, we expect you will have about the same traffic as last year but a higher basket size.  

What is the report will give you a color-coded analysis!

Red and Green are the busiest.  

Now you can see where the action, and gives you a formal way to start. 

An efficient staff roster system can increase efficiency. See how you go when you match your shop's traffic to your roster.

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