Old point of sale computers Security and Privacy Protection

Over time, plenty of people can have access to your computer system in the shop such as staff, ISP support staff and computer engineers.

So what happened today was one of my clients discovered that some rather personal information was known to one their staff. They were angry and embarrassed. It certainly did not make them feel good. When they investigated as to how did the information get out, what they discovered was it was sitting on an old computer that they had taken from home and used at work. Although they thought that they had deleted everything on the computer, quite a bit was still in a document directory of an old word processor that they had forgotten about.

This is a common problem, once you buy a new computer, what do you do with the old one?

One of the unique functions of our system is that it can run on old computers. To many its probably one of the few uses they have for such computers.

Now If this is what you intend to do, I suggest that you wipe all the information off first before putting this computer in a public place. This will guarantee that no one can get your personal information.

Now as this case shows just deleting is not enough, it's too easy to miss something. What I suggest is a program that will wipe out the entire drive. The program, I recommend is Disk Wipe,

which is free and very easy to use.

It will wipe everything. Then I would suggest you format the harddrive.

Once this is done you can release your old POS computer safely and as an added bonus, you know it is clean of viruses and malware.