Old hard drives


Today almost everyone is concerned about their personal privacy with good reason as all of us have heard horror stories about someone buying a used computer, and the new owners found on the computer tons of their information on the old computer and soon the old owner got into big trouble.

What people want to know is what steps do we take to prevent their loss of personal data on their hard drives which I think is a reasonable for them to ask us, and we want you to know that we, at POS Solutions take very seriously the privacy of our customers.

It is a good idea for people before passing on their computers to others to delete all their personal and business information first to be as safe as possible. The program, I would recommend is ccleaner which I spoke about earlier here. If you want something more secure, then I would recommend beachbit. If the FBI could not crack Hillary Clinton computer after she used it, I am sure it should be good enough for our purposes.

Still no matter how thorough such as a wiping program is, the only way to be really certain that a hard-drive's data is unrecoverable is to destroy the hard drive. Many people suggest throwing hard drives into fire or throwing chemicals at them neither of which I recommend as there are lots of dangerous chemicals in these hard drives and you do not want to be breathing in the fumes. As they are metal, you cannot use a microwave machine despite what some people say. Dropping them is not a good idea as some of them, I have seen survive. Hard drives are pretty tough, and made to take a lot of punishment.

So I recommend a brute force method too, like pound them with a nail and hammer or using what we use, a drill.

However, regardless of whether or not you do this, we will take steps to protect your private information. After we receive hard drives for disposal what we do is here.





Then we dispose of these hard drives.