Now make an EOFY sale


A few people queried me about my recent post. Well here  are some facts from the Roy Morgan research released yesterday on the End of Financial Year (EOFY) for the Australian Retailers Association.


This is the most significant marketing season in the Australian Retail calendar, except for Christmas. For example, Mother's day sales generate about $750 million, while EOFY sales are $8.8 billion, eleven times more.

If the End of the financial year (EOFY) sales do work, why not make one too?

Consider this

1) Those tax refunds are soon coming, and many will want to buy.

2) Many accountants will tell their clients to buy; otherwise, they will pay tax on the money. Why not benefit from the approaching tax time?

3) People are being targeted to buy by advertisers. They are pumped up now to buy, and they will.

4) Many will buy now as they want to take advantage of the government's Instant Asset Write-off.

Customer-focused thinking, attractive display windows, some signs, and lifestyle merchandising are four good ways to boost your End-of-year sales.

What can be sold, just about anything? People now want old and new stock. 

Do something or be left behind.

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