Now add in your Google Map Listing - accessibility?


​​Why not add accessibility to your Google Map Listing?

Doing a net search, I found over a million Australians use wheelchairs. About 1.5 million Australians use prams and strollers. Many people have trouble walking (I could not get estimates, but that includes people with walking sticks, etc.).

) Have you ever wondered why there are so many more people with prams and wheelchairs in shopping centres?

) Do you wonder why?

) Do you see why it is important to them?

Ballpark there are at least 3 million Australians now that have accessibility problems, over 15% of shoppers.

Many people now check accessibility in Google business listings when searching for businesses like yours.

Okay, there is a simple fix: tell them that you have wheelchair access in Google. Go to your Google My Business listing and update these options in Attributes.

Save and when these people search for you, they will see that you have accessibility for them.

If you want to know more, watch this video here.

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