Nine reason why You need stock control


Or why is Stock Control Important to your Business Operations ...

Please take a closer look at the benefits of integrating inventory management with your POS system.

1) An Integrated POS system with an inventory management function will save you a lot of time.

2) Your POS system tracks inventory levels.

3) You don’t need to spend days keeping manually controlling your stock.

4) You can also choose our integrated inventory management system. You can set your system to automatically place orders as you need them.

5) You will have fewer shortages as the computer will not forget to order.

6) Know where stock is. If you have a storeroom in the back, a few stock locations in the shop where an item is placed, where is the item? In your POS System, you can see where the stock is in the many locations in your shop. Suppose a customer comes to buy something. You look at the place where it should be. It is not there. So you now can glance at your POS system. It may tell you that you have one in another location in the shop. You have saved a lost sale.

7) Get the figure of shrinkage.

8) A POS system with inventory management functions will tell you what is selling when it was selling and to whom. You can then order more hot-selling items and divert your business from less popular items.

9) Save money on not needing a professional stocktaker.

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