Next week free on-line training workshop (webinar).


This training session will be on Thursday 3/Sep/2009 at 1:00pm

Magazine Returns

In particular to the latest EDI and what it will mean be for newsagents.

Newsagents not using our software but considering upgrading to our latest smart software are welcome to attend too.

Our attitude after seeing the newer webinar software has changed. Before we had issues and both we and our clients complained but this new webinar software GoToMeeting has everyone happy.

As it is much better. Clients find it much easier to use and to take part.

If you have not tried a webinar or did one and did not like it, I suggest you try again as I think you will find it interest. Everyone gets together without having to go anywhere. You have no fuel costs or other travel costs. You remain in your shop just in case and still have the full experience of outside training.

So to make sure you do not miss out as we expect this one to be very popular please register your interest by calling Michael Varger

Telephone: 0419 553 901
or Email: