Newspaper circulation Britain October 2008


I confess there is no sales figure I take more seriously than newspapers as for most of my clients; it is the reason they exist and by extension so do we.

So I am always watching what happens with newspaper not just in Australia but in other countries like the US and Britain as they are close to us.

In Britain, the latest circulation figures are out for October 2008 and the results are disappointing. Here is my chart.

As you can see overall they are down about 5%.

Considering how important circulation of newspapers is to the newsagents there, it is no wonder to make up the loss in revenue due to fall in circulation they are starting to consider selling newspapers at higher prices than the recommended retail price.

I think you will find this interesting. It is an information sheet from the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) in Britain.
It is available now.