Newsink Inkjet promotion closes

For those that are involved in the current Newsink promotion which which early figures suggest went very well,

Customer buys $100.00 or more of inkjets on the one invoice, receives one FREE Golden Mars 4 GB USB DSUSB4

Dynamic Supplies require the paper work done by tomorrow, 14 Feb 2012.

To obtain the report for number of batteries sold during the promotion or at the end of the promotion period

Go into “Cash register” menu

Go into “Transaction Enquiry” > “Search Transactions”

Search by “Stock Desc/Barcode

In box below scan in the battery barcode and set “Amount Between” to $80 - $10000

Tick Box “Tick Transaction Details In Box” (shows all items sold in each transaction)

Go “Find”

Print out report & put with claim form or else print to *PDF and email claim