Newsagents Association (NANA) is considering an agreement with Lottoland



I was told not to talk about it but the Newsagents Association of NSW and ACT announced here today that it is considering entering into a profit-sharing agreement with Lottoland.

Their primary reasons are clearly valid

-The percentage rate offered by lottoland is higher than the commissions from Tatts Group Lotteries

-Tatts’ continuing strategy of growing its digital business is taking market share from newsagents.

-There will be enormous consequences for newsagents if Tatts Group Lotteries has no effective competition.

I would add to this list is that lottoland can give newsagents access to an additional income stream

I agree with NANA when they state that

“Throughout the campaign orchestrated and funded by Tatts Group Lotteries, a campaign on which they have spent more than $5m, they portrayed the resistance they have created as being initiated and managed on a grass roots level by newsagents and other lotteries outlets. Make no mistake, the campaign was and is funded and orchestrated by Tatts Group Lotteries. Some newsagent and lotteries associations have tied themselves to the campaign and appear to act as mouthpieces for Tatts Group Lotteries.”

I do not believe newsagents have anything to lose by talking to all parties now.

All they are asking you is to read the letter that should come today and make your own mind up.