More newsagent return training


Very soon, the major magazine companies have announced huge changes in the returns procedure for newsagents.

Although our clients are lucky that we have the best magazine control and return system as seen by a recent study that showed they were returning fewer unsold magazines. Still many just use the basics and do not know how to use our systems to their fullest potential.

Used properly the magazine returns section in our software can save our clients many tedious hours of monotonous work. It is also important in helping them manage cash flow. One comment make by a new client who I blogged about here was since he came to us, he saved in his first month several hundred dollars on his wages bill.

To help our clients we have released five new documents on XChangeIT.

Setting up Creditors for EDI Returns

Checking and Fixing Issue Codes

Sending Network EDI Returns

Verifying Network EDI Returns Before Sending

Verifying Network EDI Returns After Sending

These are available here.

To further help our clients we will next week on Thursday, 29 October 2009, have two more excellent free online training sessions

There are courses for both Windows and DOS users.

Please click here for details