Making a posbrowser report for a newsagency


What I find fascinating is that with our program you are not restrained to just the reports that we provide as you can make your own reports.

I decided to create an example by checking how efficient different magazine suppliers are in their distributions.

So I decided to created a chart with several categories.

The first category was the number of deliveries by supplier. If for example, twenty magazines came at once that would be one delivery. If another ten of the same magazine came the next day that would be another delivery.

I then created another category which I called oversupply. Those were deliveries that had either more than 25% returns or one, whichever was the highest. So if say twenty arrived if the number returned was greater than 25% of 20 = 4 then that would be an oversupplied delivery.

I then created here a special category called NO Sale where a delivery came and nothing was sold.

Finally I created a category where there was not enough in the delivery. That was where the computer estimated that if it had received more in that delivery the newsagency would have sold more.
Then I decided to display them in excel. It makes an interesting report.

Then I graphed them here.

As you can see, there is little difference between magazine suppliers using these categories as they tend to keep place with the number of deliveries.

It is just an example and you can, of course, create your own categories and charts using our software.