Latest ABC circulation figures for newspapers are out

ABC’s circulation information for the period ending December 2009 was just released this month for the first quarter of the year. In total, they audited over 130 magazines and 290 newspapers.

Newspaper sales are continuing their downward pattern. All the major ones listed suffered circulation drops. In all, total newspaper sales have dropped by 5%.

Sunday newspapers circulation that was doing so well recently went down too, they went down 3%.

For Monday to Friday newspapers

The Australian Financial Review has the biggest drop with 8.6%. No surprises there as almost everyone been reporting that.

The best result was the Melbourne Herald-Sun with only a 1.1% drop. This seems to be confirming the trend that the major newspaper in any area is dropping less then number two. The Melbourne Age went down 4.1%.

The Regional Dailies which before were bucking the trend down all dropped except the Illawarra Mercury whose circulation remained the same.

If anyone wants to see part of the ABC report, please email me.