Latest ABC circulation figures for newspapers and magazines


The latest quarterly newspaper circulation figures are almost everywhere down according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations report.

The only exceptions are very marginal increases in Fairfax. What makes it worse is that these figures include a period with the floods in Queensland and Victoria, which generated a lot of interest with the public. Queensland is a very high loss but much of the loss there may be an actual loss of sales in Queensland as many retailers did not receive newspapers to sell.

It is almost a percent higher than what we expected, it is now 3.8% down. This may be because newsagents maybe affected less than other retailers.

Weekly magazines also went down, much of this could be because many retailers could not get stock but their total sales are down 6.58% in the three months to March. Women magazines took a big hit.

A more detailed ABC report on newspapers is available here.

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