Is the coming kindle revolution exaggerated?


Now many people have been PCs in particular laptops to read ebooks for years. On my laptop that I am using now, I have about ten e-books to read. Using its built in Wi-Fi, I download e-books straight into the laptop. I also read newspapers and my technical journals on my laptop.

Here is the one I use is a Sony e-reader. It is small and lightweight.

This laptop technology is not new, I and probably a million Australians use it everyday.

I am not even that sure I am keen to get an e-reader. Although I have never used the kindle, I have used the sony e-reader and was not that impressed.

What I really like about using my laptop is that it is a computer. For example if I have a question, I can highlight a word and do a search on the web.

I doubt that most of us now will give this up for the kindle. Possibly the threat is more the technology which is here now rather then the kindle itself.