Integrated Scales vcan Increase Efficiency and Accuracy in Your shop


Many businesses can benefit from having scales. It allows them to have many more products. Our customers use them commonly to sell vegetables, spices, candy, etc. 

Today, the prices of integrated scales have fallen so that a good quality scale integrated is accessible to our clients. Advancements in technology have driven this affordability.

There are many advantages to integration:

- Speeding up the checkout by getting rid of the need for typing in weight into your POS System 
- Making things more accurate and less dodgy by avoiding human mistakes or cheating
- Helping with keeping track of your stock and sales of stuff sold by weight
- Making your customers happier and more trusting by giving them transparent prices

These new scales, I really like.


It is lightweight.

A USB can be used for the scale (see brown arrow)

A second display on the side means many people will not need a second remote dual display. (see the green arrow)

If you want to find out more, please let us know here.

Here are some tips to consider if you are looking to buy scales.

- Today, scales should be able to print to follow what is required of the new health and safety standards, the nutritional info. 

- You need a scale to handle wet and messy items if you sell meat or seafood.

- You need a high-precision scale that can weigh small amounts if you sell candy or nuts.

- Consider scanner-scale combos. These scales do both scanning and weighing. You scan the item's barcode and get the price from your POS software, then weigh the items, and the scale automatically sends the required information to the POS System.

- When picking a scale, consider first the maximum size and weight that you require the scale to measure.

- Shops need rugged-built scales. People do not treat them nicely, unlike, say, lab conditions.

- Consider how easy that scale would be to clean. They will, over time, get dirty.

- Check the physical room where you have to put the scale. Measure it up.

- Do you need it to be portable? It is nice to be able to move them around the shop.

- Check how readable the scale display is. It is not just you; consumers also want to see the display. In many shops, it will often be used in poor lighting conditions. Generally, big characters are best. 

- A scale will last a long time. You need to ensure you have a supplier you know will be around. Having one that works on Win10 is good, but what happens when Win11 comes out?

- If you want it integrated, check with us before buying to ensure your scales work with your POS system.


There are many things to consider after deciding to buy a scale. Don't get burnt.

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