Instant sales analysis


Analysing cash register and sales data, employee sales and stock performance are the make-or-break of running a modern retail business.

Sometimes you need these figures instantly, eg how much money is in the till NOW, what departments are NOW selling, are items being scanned NOW, etc. Here is how you get these figures and more

In your cash register, there are function keys, look for the one called "Sales Analysis", it generally is on the second page at the bottom. Now click it.

Where to find the sales analysis button

Now you get a screen with heaps and heaps of analysis. Say I was interested in sales analysis today. So on my screen here,  I pressed the button marked with the orange arrow below.

Sales analysis by graphical

Now I get an instant analysis.  

But here’s something exciting

Press each of these light blue buttons marked with green, these are filters and what you will see is that my graph changes as I press the buttons.

It is worth experimenting to work out what is happening.

And this is just the beginning

Once you have done that check out the buttons marked in the dark blue marked with the green. These give you other types of information.

This gives you a massive database of instant reporting information that provides you with insights into your shop situation right NOW.  Try it.



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