If you use titlepage, please read this


TitlePage is the primary Australian book industry pricing and availability service. Use of it is free.

"With more than 1,250,000 titles listed from over 170 publishers and distributors, TitlePage is a comprehensive resource on the books and resources available in Australia.

TitlePage’s price, availability and bibliographic information is available to users 24/7.

The ability to access the service outside normal business hours and on weekends improves the service bookshops and suppliers can provide to their customers, and saves them time and money in dealing with enquiries."

Recently, many changes have been coming to the titlepage system. As such, we have had to make extensive changes to our software. If you use the titlepage program, you need to do a fresh set-up in our POS software.

If you use titlepage or want to use it please get in touch with our support lines to set it up. What we need is your account details first; this is available here.

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