How to set up a customer with special trade terms


We all have Trading Terms on which our businesses supply our products and services.

The problem is that many clients have their trading cycles. Often they place on us, these trading terms as a condition to trade. So we are confronted with a choice to accept this or decline their business. A typical example is a tradesman who does his books monthly, a large organisation that seems to pay whenever they want, or a government department that pays on its cycle. Nothing you can do. I have been in a government department, demanding overdue funds. I had two people look at me with much sympathy in their eyes but making it clear that they are unable to do anything.

Often we reluctantly accept it. We want the business, and there is no point in making a fuss about it.

The immediate dilemma is that your computer system is set up to put everyone in your business cycle.

Well, do not worry, as you have the right POS software.

> What you do is go to the customer maintenance screen and call them up.

> Now click on the "Other details" tab.

Now at the top here, you will see the above image. There you can put the appropriate trading terms for that account.


Now your POS Software will treat this account with their trading term.

Now trade!

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