How to scan the problem QR codes in your shop?


This is a scannable QR code advertisement created by drones above the night sky in Shanghai a few days ago. It looks brilliant but makes me wonder if in the future will our heavens will be filled with QR codes. Have you seen the movie Bladerunner 2049? 

Already in your shop you can see QR codes are being used by suppliers of goods, but their use is rapidly spreading. For people with online stores, it is a must in the shop. That is why our latest version of our software has more support for QR codes. The possibilities of QR code in retail are many. One immediate advantage is that QR has better error correction. 

What has been happening is that some of our clients, while using QR codes, have problems scanning. The problem is with the scanners. Although we have not been able to pin it down, the main problem appears to be is glare. A fix that seems to work is to move the object. Failing that, change the scanner angle say reading vertically rather than horizontal. 

If this fixes it, try shielding your scanner from direct light. If this does not work, let me know.

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