How To Increase Customers In Your Shop


How To Increase Customers In Your Shop


In retail, "foot traffic" is used to quantify the number of customers who enter a store daily.


People in the shop

In the retail industry, foot traffic is everything. It is a crucial factor in determining sales. It refers to the number of customers who enter a store each day. The more customers you have, the more chances you have to sell something. To maximise your business, you need to know how to increase it.

We have discussed here how to measure it. Something I urge you to consider.

You can now get sales by time with detailed POS system analysis. Not quite foot traffic but it's a start.

Sales per time of day

Here we will discuss some ideas on using your POS System to maximise foot traffic in this article.


The Investopedia it states bluntly here.

"Foot traffic—or customer traffic—is an important metric because higher foot traffic tends to lead to higher sales and revenue numbers."

Everything in a store revolves around foot traffic.

No matter what you do, you won't sell anything if no one is in your shop. More customers mean more sales opportunities in your store.

Here are some ideas to increase it

Use your data in your POS System.

You can identify the most popular products by looking at your sales history. What promotions have worked for you, and what days of the week are the busiest? You can adjust your marketing strategies to increase foot traffic with this information.

Effective Inventory Management Reports

Besides effective inventory management, you can use your POS Software to see what is selling now. Ensure that people walking past your shop in your sign know you have these products. Studies show that in most retail shops, the top ten sellers today will be in the top ten sellers tomorrow.

While doing this, check the trends in Sales. See what people are starting to look for in your shop.

Storefront signage

A shop window can draw customers into your physical retail establishment. Make use of the shop window to highlight promotional offers. Put a simple sign in front of the window that tells people that you handle your popular stock items. This will alert people walking past that you have these products. Do not overestimate the intelligence of people walking past that they know what you handle.

Free online assets

Modern customers often want to know that you can cater to their needs before they arrive; this means you need an online presence.

If you go into Google Maps, ask for your type of shop by going. Here are some examples of what you need

<my shop type> near me

<some popular products in your shop> near me

<my shop name>

I do it all the time. My daughter was hungry a few weeks ago, craving chicken. We had no idea there who had chicken and who was any good. So we used Google, picked the one close with the best reviews, and went there. That shop made a sale from a free service on Google Business.

Everyone now does stuff like this nowadays.

Here is a Google Trend analysis of how often it is done now over time.

Searches on Google for near me

Does Google know about you?

If why not, why not? It is a free service by Google and can be set up free in Google Business.

Do you have a Facebook page? If not, why not? Again it is free.

It's critical to ensure your store and the products or services you are online.

Marketing seasons and Promotions

These do sell, which is why majors use them. If it works for them, why not for you?

Several clients told me they did well on Valentine's Day.

It is easy to get hold of relevant ones coming up as the majors advertise them a lot.

Make or Participate in an Event

Making or joining an occasion can be an excellent method for expanding the number of people coming.

Make one for the shop, our birthday sale eg 5 year birthday for the shop.

Suppose you have some technical knowledge. Running classes or workshops works well.

Promotional Deals

Special offers and flash sales bring in people, increasing foot traffic.

Implementing a Loyalty (CRM) Program

You have a free CRM System in your Point-of-Sale System. A loyalty program is one effective strategy for increasing foot traffic. It can encourage customers to return to your store.

Customers in a loyalty program spend more than customers outside your program. It is a fact.

Speed Up the Checkout Processes

Nothing turns people away more than seeing a long queue in today's retail. Utilise your point of sale (POS) software to speed up the checkout process. We can run in our POS system many tills from one computer. That is a cheap way of increasing your tills with little cost.


A retail store's success depends on its foot traffic. You can increase foot traffic and sales by utilising your POS software better at almost no cost.

Take action now to increase foot traffic in your retail store.

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