How to Identify your online competitors

Write your top five goods and services you market. If you are stuck or want more ideas go to your point of sale software and note the top three services and products that you market by unit sales and then the top three by profit. Now write down what you are so a newagency might write down

Greeting card

Now in your shop go to your computer and visit google maps here and in the search button type in the first item

Lottery with this phrase after it " store near me"

So you are typing in lottery store near me

Out will pop something like this for you to investigate.

Go through your list now the next question what are you going to do about it, I hope the answers are NOT nothing.

Here is an interesting statistics. Today 20% of all Google searches today are related to location. If your shop is not visible here, you have lost a good percentage of that 20 % who now have directions to your competitor. Here is another exciting statistics, 32% of those that did such a search and went to the shop did buy compared to 19% who just walked in.

You need to have a website, even if it is just a simple free or almost free site. If you do not have such a site and want to discuss such a site please let us know.