How to get Free EFTPOS with Tyro


If you are not doing much in EFTPOS and need an EFTPOS as a service to your customers without it costing you, you could look at this plan. 

What you do is put a surcharge of 1.8% on all your electronic transactions, then you need not worry about the type of card, e.g. Dinners cards, etc.

This is now a regular and acknowledged method in Australia today.

For example, if I go to my local cafe and buy an espresso. When it is rung, I see a little extra charge added to the bill for the EFTPOS fees to take care of its EFTPOS costs. What they are doing here is passing on all these costs to their clients so giving them Zero Cost EFTPOS.

Some of our clients can save thousands of dollars a year by zeroing out their EFTPOS fees. 

There is no obligation, no contract, you are free to cancel and leave anytime. 

If you want to learn more about this Zero Cost EFTPOS arrangement, click here.


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