How to avoid Point of Sale void fraud?

A void point of sale fraud occurs when a staff member rings up a sale, charges the customer and then voids the receipt without ringing it up. The idea being to stop the sale from being recorded so allowing them to steal the proceedings as the sale is unrecorded. As the sale has not been recorded, the money will not be missed as at the end-of-day or X-Off the cash will balance.

To make it work, the thief needs a real client who pays cash and the other problem they have is that the thief cannot issue a receipt. So what they tend to do is only void the sale after the customer has left because sometimes they have to ring up the sale to give a receipt.

The other problem they have, is if the client comes back to query the purchase, there is no record in the system. This is actually how most of these thieves get caught.

The first point is to check whether or not a significant number of these voided transactions are occurring and when and who are doing them.

Easy enough to do, go to main menu > Cash register > Transaction Enquiry (see green arrow)

Now search the transactions, by ticking as in the green arrow with voided entries only.

What about a potential solution?

Now check who is doing these voids and when. If you have our integrated computer/camera system, you can just press a button, and the transaction will be replayed immediately on the screen, check out a few.

If you do not have an integrated computer/camera system, what you need to do is write down the times and do a search in your camera system when there a lot of voids?

Another security option used that can partly reduce this problem is to:
1) What some do is they do not allow voids at all. All these problem transactions must be printed out, and only a trusted employee can delete the transaction afterwards. In the meantime, a new transaction would be done.
2) Only allow a trusted staff member to do voids.