GG Cut off for paper Supplementary Forms


The following has been sent out to newsagents with 2 weeks to go

Dear Agent – this is an early warning that Gordon and Gotch will be phasing out paper returns over the next few months. Supplementary Returns will not be accepted by paper after the 1st of August 2010 nor will any paper Point of Sale forms ( whether they are Current or Supplementary returns ). It is time for you to start exploring other options for your returns so you have plenty of time to plan for this change.

If you currently handwrite your returns on the paper forms that we send you each week then you will need to learn how to submit these returns on Gotch Connect.

If you currently have a Point of Sale system in your Store and are a member of XchangeIT we recommend you start asking your POS Providers for information on how to do EDI Returns through XchangeIT.

Our National Contact Centre will be able to assist you with your inquiries about this, or go to to Register on Gotch Connect and start learning about Online Returns.


Now our users have to choose between either online or XChangeIT returns.

With Network not accepting paper printouts from our system, NDD disappearing, and now Gotch not accepting them, this means that soon our printed returns forms will not be accepted by anyone anymore.