Get more sales out of your employees

When often happens is when we think of ways to increase the turnover – "or how do we sell more?" The first point to consider is what are we doing right? Maybe you are doing something right; you could do more, but it just does not click.

One of the quickest ways to increase sales is to monitor your employee performance. See if one of them is doing something better than the rest.

Our point-of-sale system has some very powerful tools to do this. The one I will talk about now is the staff performance report.

Go to register reports > Staff > staff performance

Now in this report put in the dates you are looking at and this will give you much detailed information, among which you will find the following details.

For each staff member, you can see how many sales made, how many items they processed, the basket size, total, etc.

Now you can compare your staff. You can see if something happened which ones were motivated.

Another idea is to use this report to compare your employee's performance over time.

This is an additional example of how POS Solutions can provide you a new insight on performance in your business and so help you to build its economic foundation.