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When anything happens, many so-called experts are arguing on the different sides to any issue. Most will be wrong. Much of this is because these experts have an agenda.

Today, while I was looking at the Powerball figures for today, see above Lotto, it seems pretty good.

Lotto is a product that our system can let the retailer directly scan into. So I then decided to see what people were saying a few years ago about the state-controlled Lotto. This became an excellent example of bad decision making.

The big fear to my clients then, was that Lottoland, if not stopped, it would replace Lotto. However, these experts would help prevent this. But really, why stop it? Then Lottoland and Lotto were fighting it, and politicians claimed that they were concerned for my clients. A better strategy would be for my clients to investigate this as a possible opportunity. Lottoland was making some nice promises to my clients. Lotto also made some much vaguer promises. As it turned out, Lottoland was not stopped. The experts failed. Soon, my clients, I think, were seen as irrelevant, so got nothing. 

Google Trends gave a tremendous and highly accurate tool for doing that free. So looking at Google Trends, was Lottoland the significant threat to my clients? *NO* it was the move to Lotto online that was the threat. Now looking at the data, the answer is still *No*. Interest in Lottoland has gone backwards in five years. 


Nice example. 

I urge you to use the Google Trend tool to see what the public thinks and make better decisions. Using it, you can see what the public wants, use data to base your retail strategy. It lets small businesses get free consumer information instantly. What is invaluable is its ability to search for competing brands. You can then compare products. Then use this information to improve your offerings and so generate more sales.

This all deserves serious consideration.

For a youtube on how to use Google Trend, please click here.

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