Fingerprint scanners


Fingerprint scanners

The best security now for your point-of-sale system is fingerprints. I do admit that they do take some getting used to, you need to learn how to put your press your finger into the device but after a short time, you will find them a delight to use.

Here are three advantages of fingerprint scanners are.

1) It is the only identification system widely in use in retail that can verify with near certainty the identity of an individual. Security on passwords is always dubious. People you work with may know your passwords, but they certainly do not have your fingerprints. Unlike ID cards and passwords, people cannot steal them to gain access to places where they should not go.

2) It is faster, much faster than entering in passwords. We also tested it against swiped employee cards and found that it's about 1.4 seconds fasted then swiped cards.

3) Saves money and time as you no longer have to issue ID cards, which often tend to get forgotten, lost or stolen. In fact, you can stop producing such ID cards.