Fairfax new connect system

Much of today, I spent going back and forwards with newsagents concerned about the new changes to the connect system and Fairfax trying to get clarification.

Fairfax assures us that all subscription stop notifications will continue to be provided for several days out on Connect. However despite what many newsagents seem to be thinking for the short term, offer codes will continue but soon no subscription offers will have expiry dates. This is because Fairfax feels that they are irrelevant and often wrong. The example quoted to us was a 10 week offer. It finishes after the paper has been delivered on 70 occasions. A stop for one day changes the expiry date but not the number of deliveries. I agree with them.

The good news is that both POS DOS and posBrowser are not affected as they use for newspaper subscriptions the number of issues not the dates.

However it produces a problem for magazine as they use dates. We are shortly going to have a meeting with XchangeIt and it will be brought up.