Facebook Live

We will soon be moving our webinar system for our point-of-sale system to the new Facebook Live system.

There are several reasons why we have decided to switch.

Facebook Live is available to everyone!

This is the main reason, almost all our clients are set up already with Facebook. Currently before the webinar starts we have to set people who have never attended a webinar user meeting up. We actually have to run in parallel. We have one person taking it and a second person doing damage control for problems.

We have found it for the users incredibly easy to use!

As most people know Facebook as they are using it, we find that they have few problems using it. In the past, we have always had to have someone doing some coaching on some feature of the webinar software.

You can see that too as people because they are used to Facebook, are relating much more than our previous webinar software.

Notifications are sent by Facebook automatically.

Once you like our page, Facebook handles the notifications, makes it easy for our clients, to get informed

It works on anything.

Our clients can watch it on their mobile, iPad, computer, whatever

There is a lot of flexibility.

If we require privacy. we can do a private meeting.

Finally the future

We think technology like Facebook Live is the future and as a company we pride ourselves for being a market leader and Facebook Live we see as part of our strategy to continue to stay ahead of the competition.