EOFY Sales 2024: Great Deals


Upgrade your POS system and save big during EOFY sales!

Hey there!

This is the last week of this financial year. EOFY is just around the corner! This is the last chance to take advantage of this fact.

We've been talking with our technology suppliers, and they have given us some awesome deals!

Think of it: EOFY means they need to budget, so they need sales. Plus, they have to justify to their stakeholders the stock levels they have now, so they are trying to get rid of their stock. I can assure you that they'd rather sell what they have now at a discount than count it.

Does this all sound familiar? 

Now is your chance to snag top-notch POS equipment at good prices.

Plus, EOFY is tax time in Australia! Did you know the government lets you claim a deduction for your POS equipment system? So you get some money back, plus an extra discount. 

It is a double win!

Why Upgrade Your POS System Now?

  • Save Big Bucks: Score amazing EOFY discounts and get a fantastic POS system for way less. 
  • Be a Tech Superstar: Don't get stuck in the past with outdated technology. Upgrade now, and be the envy of your friends!
  • Work Like a Boss: Modern POS systems make everything quicker and easier, saving you time and effort. 
  • Tax Time Bonus: Remember, the government will help you with the cost of your new system. 

We Can Help!

Here are the EOFY sale details; check it out here.

Don't miss out! These EOFY deals won't last forever. Call us today for a free chat, and our friendly experts will help you find the perfect equipment for your business.

Just make sure you get the best value and a sweet tax benefit! These deals will not wait for you to act as these are in my experience strictly limited-time offers

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