Emailing orders to Gotch (GG)

Our software can email suppliers like Gotch with your order changes.

Gotch has now confirmed that they will no longer be accepting these email orders, as such we are putting a patch out to stop this email facility in our software to Gotch.

The reason why this was stopped was because it was meant to be a quiet trial between a few customers and Gotch. Too many people started to use it and many of these just went berserk using it. So Gotch got flooded with order changes. Many of these order changes Gotch felt were just unreasonable. For example we were shown examples of people requesting order quantity changes much less than what they were selling. It really is an example of where a few people doing the wrong thing have made it bad for all of us.

We are talking to Gotch soon in an attempt to rectify this problem. Our preference is that this facility be put into XChangeIT.