Eftpos speeds by day

Here is a graph of the average speed of our EFTpos from when the amount is authorised to when acceptance comes broken down by types and by days.

Monday is the fastest but Wednesday the slowest the difference is only about 3% or about 0.03 of a second. No-one would even notice such a difference.

What is important is you can see its fast. Using what we recommend a latest Yomani XR unit on a standard ethernet our clients are doing an EFTpos transaction in about 1.1 seconds. I would be pleased for you to compare these times to what you are getting. For absolute "breakneck" speeds, we recommend this as the way to go.

WIFI is the slowest as you can see, which is part of the reason we do not recommend it to our clients, if you want mobility, a 3G is the way to go. It's about 1.4 seconds, still faster than almost everything else.

If you are interested in doing EFTpos as these "breakneck" speeds, please let us know.