Ecommerce choices for Small Businesses


Our users are mainly picking these two options now for doing e-commerce and both are excellent choices.


This is  the option I suggest particularly if your web technical software knowledge is small


The big plus for WebTail for our users is that as its part of their point of sale system, it works like something they are used too. You can use it with only minimal training. Often the same day you are up and running. Updates, costings, stock quantities etc are all done as you do it now. This is where point of sale software is going combining online and the shop into one system. Customisations are included in the price and you can be very creative with your designs. Our users have local support too.


My second choice


WooCommerce is a fine option. Its big plus is that if you know something about the web, a simple version is available free. You cannot beat free. If you want extras though you need to pay. WooCommerce marketing model is you get a basic version free but if you want extras you have to pay.

Most people that know Wordpress can use it almost immediately. You need to be comfortable with using WordPress as WooCommerce is part of WordPress.Support can be a problem as its email ticket support and forum support so if you have a problem you need to email today the problem, you will probably get an answer tomorrow with probably a request for more information so it may take your technical people a few days to work out.

The operation, unlike Webtail, is manual you will need to go back and forward with two different systems.

They are both highly flexible, both professional e-commerce solutions, both have great reports and both can grow with your business.

There are other options my clients are using 

Magento, I find very similar to WooCommerce, I think if you are looking at a big online shop it is better but you will need a web developer. One of our clients spent over $20,000 on a Magento site so unless you are highly skilled on web software so I would say that WooCommerce is probably a better option for most of our clients then Magento.

Shopify which is a subscription-based service, like WooCommerce anything other than very basic does cost. So unlike these other options, you pay a percentage of each sale to Shopify. Its customisation is much more limited, generally what people do is pay a professional developer to set up their online shop. A big plus here is that hosting is free but its free only on their site.


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