Easter newspapers

Easter is only a few days away yet we are still chasing up newspaper distributors on what is the score. Unfortunately these have a habit of leaving it to the last-minute. They also have an annoying habit of answering only exactly the papers you ask about and no more. So the conversation goes what about the Financial Review? You get your answer. So you say okay now what about the Melbourne Age. You get your answer. So you say okay now what about the SMH etc.

Also we are reluctant to issue information sheets early as some newspaper companies have a history of changing their mind in the last moment. So when we get calls now we are saying it is all coming!

It is about time the newsagency associations follow the Queensland newsagents and did something. It should not be this last-minute rush every year as it is mucking up the whole newsagents home delivery and subagent system. The greater the warning the better a newsagent is able to manage.

Having said that we are now issuing information sheets as we get confirmation! So information sheets are being issued today.