Due diligence and Bill Express

Since Bill Express collapsed, I can see people involved in the newsagency industry alarmed. They see a witch-hunt directed at them. I think they are right. Yes some made stupid choices but that is not criminal. One person, in particular annoys me. Now he is so loud and smart but what was he doing before Bill Express went bad when he is accusing them of acting so badly? There is an old Roman saying Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware." He voluntarily went in like so many others no-one forced him into it. Where was his due diligence? At least he is a wealthy person he can afford it, many that went on this path too cannot.

If anything comes out of this, remember we have to do our own due diligence. Now when someone sees me with a proposal I now ask them “If were involved and later someone wants out, what happens then?” If the answer is there will be a problem, I am reluctant to continue.

Remember there are always proposals and ventures that fail even those that are sure things.