DOS FTP link released


NEWS CORP in Victoria have stated that

The over-riding requirement for newsagents is that they must be able to transmit home delivery files automatically to HWT each week by the end of the 07/08 financial year

Currently we have finished a new trial version of DOS 35E. This version will automatically send HWT each week the home delivery information. It is not yet ready for general release as it is now with News Corp for testing. Then we expect in a few weeks, it will be ready for general release. Until then it is strictly invites only.

The version is up now but if you have a dramatic need for this function please contact either us or HWT to advance you in the trials!

On your end now to make it work you need a broadband connection with at least windows 2000 although we prefer XP. If you do not have this, NEWS CORP will give you an interest free loan up to $10,000 to upgrade your computer system. Included in this $10,000 can be other items such as data conversions, computers, modem, broadband contracts, software agreements and training. Whatever is takes to allow this to happen! This is a lovely carrot!

However it does come with a stick. My understanding is that after March 2008, in Victoria NEWS CORP will state at any proposed newsagency transfer the newsagency software is not satisfactory if it does not have this automated function. After June 2008, NEWS CORP intends to take action against newsagents with unsatisfactory software by using penalty clauses in the existing contracts.

To our clients I can say proudly that we ahead of schedule for them.