Direct mail is still the best way of advertising.



For us what works the best is direct mail.

So we get people to sit a little room, work through the weekend to print thousands of brochures and pack them up into letters send them off to newsagents all over the country. So to start our launch of a new marketing campaign for our Newsagency software we sent out this brochure for posbrowser which is the best Newsagency system out. I am not prejudiced!!!!


It has some brilliant features all designed for a newsagent by an organisation that knows, lives and is focused on that market. It is a major business management and time-saving tool that enables you to be more competitive in your business. Some of it features would be

1) Fully integrated multi-shop capabilities. The ability to run multiple stores from a central location with added features like stock transfers, centralised reporting and transferable customer rewards.

2) Touchscreen registers that support integrated EFTPOS

3) Stock on hand control using electronic order generation based on Replenish, Focus (sales trends and Min/Max methods (Dynamic & Fixed)

4) Automatic electronic ordering/invoicing for most major wholesalers and simple tools to help others get started

5) The power to add new stock items to your database automatically when receiving goods

6) Customer membership loyalty features including automatic redemption vouchers, gift vouchers, discount vouchers, automatic emailing, register lucky numbers and birthday alerts

7) Automatic Group Sell features calculated at the register (Buy 2 get third one free etc)

8) Notes and alerts for stock that prompt at the point of sale. (Free gifts etc)

9) Built-in register cashup process

10) Statements that support BPay and credit card payments that can be emailed directly from Pos Browser

11) Wireless PDA support for stocktaking, order generation, label printing and stock enquiries

12) Stocktaking that works while your trading

13) Automated backups and program updates – just leave Pos Browser to do it

14) Limitless combinations of automatic discount structures for customers and business groups

15) Complete remote management so you can spend more time away from the store without losing control of your business. Check out page two to see how this all comes together.

16) Complete tracking and recall of every transaction