Debtors Trail Balance report

Our point of sale software has a brilliant report that helps you keep track of debtors.

You will find it in register reports > customers trial balance.

What this is a list of customers who owe payment to your business broken down by age periods generally current, 30, 60 and 90 days. It can be run anytime, and widely done to give you an overview of when payments are expected. How much is overdue, and which customers need a reminder? This report is commonly requested by banks and financial institutions too.

This report comes with two flavours, one for adhoc reporting and the other standard reporting. If you go into the standard report, you will get a list of options.

Most important is what date do you want this trial balance from. You can do it from any date since the system went live, for example, last financial year, today, 1/1/17 whatever you like.

Furthermore, among the other options what you get is the date range you wish it broken into too. Generally, most people use months but some use weeks; others use a four weekly cycle, etc. This is your decision.

If you wish, more options click the More Criteria tab.

In standard report you will get something like this

The names have been whited out here but what does appear if you look, here is that initially just about everything here is in 90+ Days. That would not be a good sign at all if this was real data.

I recommend you take a good look at this report, as it is financially one of the most common and important reports used in business and also check out the adhoc report below it, which will give you much more options.