Coming soon…our new website!

I wanted to give you a head up so you will not be alarmed when you come, and the website has changed. We are building now a new website; the major delay is that we are converting years of information from our old website to our fresh website.

We decided to change our website even though the old one is fine, because we believe today many people judge an organisation by a website. This is particularly true of new people who are just researching us, and an old outdated website does not give a good impression. It also does not communicate the right message to people about what we are, and that we continually work to improve. We have also added new features and soon will be putting up more content to make it even better.

The new site has been designed to be accessible, to work across a lot of different devices and screen sizes.

We know that there may be teething so it may not be right, please let us know if you find any problems.

The News section on the new site will continue to regularly publish high-quality content.

After the launch, we would like to hear from you what you think and please send us your comments and suggestions.

Stay tuned for more exciting details.