Christmas and New Year information sheets


As we are collecting more information, we are sending information sheets on how to handle the coming holiday period. They are going out now and will continue to go over the holiday period.

It is always the same a last-minute scramble for information from the newspaper and magazine companies which is a continual source of frustration to us all. What justification is there for this doubt and confusion with the newspaper and magazine companies over this season? They have plenty of warning as the public holidays for Christmas and New Year are set well in advance. You can click here {link removed} for a listing of Public Holidays for Christmas and New Year in Australia for 2009, they are already listed now for 2010. Many are listed in 2012, several in 2013.

The newspaper and magazine companies have all have done it last year, the year before that and a hundred times before.

Why cannot they get their act together?